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Project: Hayes Green Beach Hospital – Promise Project

Project Name: Hayes Green Beach Hospital – Promise Project

Client/Owner: Hayes Green Beach Hospital

Project Contract Value: $854,750

Project Scope: Renovation and Upgrade

Location: Charlotte, MI

Project Type: Healthcare

Project Brief/Features:

Hayes Green Beach Hospital (Sparrow Eaton Hospital) provides comprehensive care focusing on treatment and prevention of cardiopulmonary dysfunction, respiratory therapy, and sleep diagnostics. Located in Charlotte, the Promise Project sought to add an 8,900 square foot surgery addition to its existing surgery procedure area including new outpatient surgery staging and recovery, staff area, equipment storage, and central sterile areas. Also, included in the Promise Project was a revamp of the existing surgery department, to create a new endoscopy department, soiled holding/processing area, and improved PACU area.

All additions and renovations were performed while the hospital and surgical rooms were still in use. Extreme attention to detail to prevent the spread of infectious disease were followed, (ICRA) Infection Control Risk Assessment guidelines were in place to mitigate dust and dangerous airborne pathogens.