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Centennial Electric has a full-service team with many years of experience in commercial electrical work. This team ensures every project meets the highest standards of workmanship and efficiency no matter how big or how small the project. Centennial works with the customers to create a product that works within their budget. Then manages the construction process to produce a product that exceeds expectations and is completed on time and under budget.


Our team works with industrial and manufacturing customers to conduct a thorough analysis of the building or proposed building to determine electrical needs and design a plan to implement those electrical needs. Services range from installation of backup generators for crucial infrastructure or wiring of new machinery & equipment, to entire design build & design assist build outs or power renovation projects.

Building Automation Controls

Centennial Electric’s building automation controls tackles unique energy saving projects. Building automation controls works to integrate with new or existing mechanical, lighting, security, detection and electrical systems to increase energy efficiency. This helps our customers to save on reduced utility costs and power consumption while reducing their carbon footprint.

Building Information Modeling

Centennial Electric uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to develop a more accurate product for our customers. BIM is a 3D modeling technology that is intelligent, models geometry of actual construction components, stores data and updates in real time. This allows Centennial Electric as well as structural engineers, architects, designers, projects managers and other contractors to work in a more collaborative environment, helping the project remain consistent and more thoroughly coordinated.


Our customers hire our self-perform division to take care of our key construction activities in house rather than hiring third-party contractors to complete the on-site work. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined construction process. Centennial can better manage scheduling, so the project is completed on time due to our ability to directly control the work schedule. Better yet, the reduce administrative fees are passed directly back to our customers saving them time and money while helping to meet their budget needs to complete the project.

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Design Build

Centennial Electric’s fully integrated design-build process maximizes schedule efficiency and contractor responsibility. Our design, preconstruction, and construction teams work together to ensure our clients’ vision, budget, and schedule goals are met. Many of our customers like the design-build approach due to the single point of responsibility and transparent communication when working with Centennial Electric.

Design Assist

Design-assist works best for our customers who have a vision of the project to be completed that is both unique and complex. Our customers select architects, engineers, or construction managers who then hire Centennial Electric to assist in the development of the design and construction documents that are outside of their scope and expertise. Centennial Electric aids our customers by turning a vision into code compliant designed plans and specifications.

Proven Track Record

Centennial Electric was founded in 2006 by Troy Strang and Scott Whitaker. Since its inception Centennial has grown to complete many notable, complex and unique projects which can be viewed at our “Projects” tab. Our vast experience and proven reliability in numerous markets have helped keep our business relevant in today’s rapidly changing electrical field.


Centennial Electric’s standard operating procedures and team approach have helped to produce a repeatable project management process. This management process results in a top-notch product for our customers that has proven to come in on-time and under budget. Our attention to detail, safety and quality makes us a clear leader in the electrical construction field and the right choice for our customers construction project needs.
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      • Proven Track Record
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